Freecycle to the rescue

My flat as a pancake yard has been in need of some visual interest for a long time.

I answered an ad on Craigslist.IMG_8639The dirt WAS free,

12 cubic yards of fill dirt

12 cubic yards of fill dirt

but not FREE from rocks. I’ve been sifting the dirt as I move the pile from the drive way to the back yard. I used a hoe to move the dirt back and forth in the sifter until it broke.broke my hoe

My first thought was to make do with other tools I had, but the shovel and 3-pronged rake just didn’t do the job as well.IMG_8906 I momentarily thought of jumping in the car and heading to the hardware store. Fortunately the frugal light bulb in my head popped on; Freecycle!

I posted:

edited freecycle request

the next day I got a message from a FREECYCLER less than 5 miles away offering me a hoe.

Now I’m back in business.

If you don’t freecycle, I highly recommend it. If you do, please share your freecycle story(s) in the comment section.

More on my frugal backyard landscape project as I continue it.

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