Juanita Goodwill

I’ve been anticipating the opening of a new Goodwill. I drive past it every time I go to work. May 21st was the big day. I had to work that day so I missed the Door Buster Free GW Tote to the first 300 customers. I overheard an employee say they were gone before 10 AM.parking lot

I found the store well stocked. There were many more employees than usual. They were doing a great job of tidying up after the shoppers. I heard “welcome to Goodwill”, “can I help you with anything?”, “how are you doing?”, “are you finding everything OK?” multiple times from the friendly staff.

They did a very nice job of staging the merchandise.

Guitars Display

Guitars Display


Camping Equipment

Camping Equipment

Prices seemed comparable to other GW stores. Some were good.

These chargers were 4 for $1.99. I've seen them as high as $2.99 each at other stores

These chargers were 4 for $1.99. I’ve seen them as high as $2.99 each at other stores

Some not so good.

sewing notionsAt $12.99 this bag of sewing notions may have been better than retail but it would only be a deal if you actually needed everything in the bag. My suggestion would be to sell the individual items rather than group them.



Years ago I refashioned a light fixture just like this into a chandelier for my master bath. I paid $5.00. Goodwill has it marked $24.99. (Home Depot sells it new for $44.98.

I would like to see more merchandise with flat prices like:mugs 49 centsSpecifically I was looking for a Food Processor.

Appliance Aisle

Appliance Aisle

only food processorThis was the only one they had. It was missing parts. I passed it up. (Food processors are harder to come by than I thought they would be, I’ve looked at a half a dozen or more stores now and not found my replacement)

I did make a few small purchasesIMG_8851

I’ve seen these Rubbermaid containers marked 99 cents each. I got a three pack and a four pack. each were $1.99.

I was thrilled to find eight 4 oz. jelly jars. They are perfect for gift jams & jellies. I’m so happy GW sells all mason jars for 20 cents each.

The little ceramic bird was just too cute to pass up, so I splurged and spent 99 cents for it.

I stopped again last Saturday. After being open 2 weeks the shelves weren’t quite as neat and tidy and they were only half as many employees.



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