Five (make that 10) frugal things

Time for another Five Frugal Things post but I can’t just stop at five…

Monday is often my errand day. As usual I batched my  errands (1) to save money and time. The To-Do list included getting my oil changed. I went to Grease Monkey before 10 AM which qualified me for the “Early Bird-$2 OFF special”(2)

While I was out I stopped at three thrift stores. At Value Village I picked up a dime from the floor.(3)

I’m still hunting for a food processor. The thrift stores have lots of small appliances but few food processors.

Appliance Aisle at Value Village

Appliance Aisle at Value Village

The ones they do have don’t come with a blade.

$4.99 bladeless Cuisine Art

$4.99 bladeless Cuisine Art

I can now say WAS still hunting for a food processor.

My hunt ended when I saw this one. $12.50, not only are all the attachments included but the original user manual too.(4)

waiting for me at the Eastside Community Aid Store

waiting for me at the Eastside Community Aid Store

After examining it closely at home it appears to have been minimally used if at all, none of the parts so any sign of wear.

All the attachments AND the user guide

All the attachments AND the user guide

Heading home, I spotted a FREE pile on the shoulder of the road and picked up this Rubbermaid Tote(5). rubber maid toteI don’t have a specific plan but I’m sure I’ll put it to good use soon.

Towards the end of my list of errands I began to feel hungry. I DID NOT stop for fast food while I was out (6).I came home and fixed leftovers for lunch.

I reheated some Chicken Chow Mein that had been frozen.

Lunch on the picnic table

Lunch on the picnic table

The original meal was delicious. I used a new recipe and the resulting chow mein was very close to what my favorite Chinese take-out place makes, which was what I was looking for. When freshly made the chow mein had a thick creamy sauce. Freezing and thawing the left-overs resulted in a thin runny sauce. A less frugal person may have thrown out the less than perfect food.(7) With the chow mein I had a smoothie made with strawberries picked  from my garden.(8)

I should have named this post 5 Frugal things and one Frugal Blunder.

I drink distilled water. I read that it is good for joint health. Distilling removes not only contaminants but necessary trace minerals too. I buy trace minerals to add to the water.

Super Supplements sent me a coupon. Super sup couponI planned to buy two of the $26 bottles and get 10% off. However I noticed a new brand. Same size but priced at $14.49. Not wanting to STOCK UP on a product I’m not familiar with I only bought one bottle and so didn’t qualify for the 10% off.

At home I compared the two products trace mineralsand found that the less expensive one had 20 trace minerals while the $26 bottle has 70+. Time will tell if this is or isn’t an issue. Most importantly I now put 1/2 a teaspoon of the supplement in a gallon of water and the cheaper brand calls for twice that much.(-1)

For dinner I ate a bowl of Chicken Florentine Soup.

Chicken Florentine Soup

Chicken Florentine Soup

This soup came home with me from work one night last week. At closing time each day soup that’s been on the warmer all day gets thrown away. Thrown away that is unless any employee wants to take it home. Whenever I can I take advantage of this “fringe benefit”.(9)

After washing the dinner dishes I recycled the rinse water to water my potted plants.(10)

How about you what frugal things did you do

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2 Responses to Five (make that 10) frugal things

  1. Because... I'm cheap says:

    Great finds and great post! I love frugal finds and thrift shopping. Really wish I had more out by my house so I could treasure hunt more often. But then that probably wouldn’t be too frugal of me. Would you mind if I borrowed your idea? “Five Frugal Things.” I hadn’t heard of it before, but it could help me organize my own posts.

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