A Day of Thrifting

The bakery sent me on an errand Monday. It took me 35 miles to the south and put some spending money in my pocket. So of course I checked out the thrift stores in the area.

1st Goodwill



2nd Goodwill



theseIMG_9383 will replace these

notice the toe on the right shoe

notice the toe on the right shoe

IMG_9379The one on the left will replace the one on the righ

it retails for $12.08, mine cost 99 cents:)IMG_9397

Neti Pot

Neti Pot

The purple one replaces the green one.( a week or so ago I saw a plastic Neti Pot for $2.99, I knew I could find a better deal)


Bald Eagle Mug

Bald Eagle Mug

will add to my out of control “bird” mug collection.IMG_9377 Today’s green tag special meant I add 3 more plates to my dinner dishes.

my "pattern" is an eclectic collection of white on white

my “pattern” is an eclectic collection of white on white

maybe these will entice me to do some dusting.IMG_9387

with the success I’d had at the Goodwills I had high hopes when I pulled into St. Vincent de Paul but I came away empty.

Along the way I also stopped at Michael’s to pick up some art supplies I need. I used my 40% off coupon.IMG_9396

These things are on their way to the Union Gospel Mission:IMG_9389How was your Monday?

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4 Responses to A Day of Thrifting

  1. lilimounce says:

    I am so envious of the canning jar lids. Those things have gotten so expensive!

  2. Susan Trumbo says:

    My Monday was both productive, and a wee bit sad. A long time neighbor passed last month and her family literally tossed everything she owned today, not interested in “old” stuff.
    They were amused at us raiding boxes and cheerfully announced when each one was coming out.
    I got a bag stuffed full of old embroidered pillowcases and doilies – my weakness, 2 lovely bone china tea cups with saucers and a brand new in the box Le Creuset Dutch oven, which I have been wanting for some time – I make a lot of casseroles.
    So quite productive, and busy. I’d like to think Mrs. Ethel is smiling at her treasures still being cherished. It is rather sad though that today’s generation doesn’t cherish the “old”.

  3. So true, every time you see her things you will be reminded of her friendship. Her family however will have nothing to remember her by. I have Dutch oven envy.

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