Dark-eyed Juncos

I left my sliding door open while I was doing this & that both in the house and in the back yard.  I walked in and heard baby bird cheeping in my kitchen. On closer inspection I found 2 baby juncos and one of their parents on my kitchen floor. I hoped to get to the other side of them by going through the family room and shoo them back out the door. One baby headed for the dining room window. (Which was closed) I was able to corner it there and open the window to let it out. The other two birds were still in the kitchen but when they heard Jr. cheeping outside they returned to the great outdoors through the sliding door.

baby Dark-eyed Junco

baby Dark-eyed Junco

You would think we would have learned our lesson after that. I should make sure I close the screen. Baby birds should learn not to fly into houses, but NOOO it happened again the next day. This time I physically took Jr. outside and took his picture while I was at it.

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