Wait and See

I often play a game of “wait and see” when I’m thrift shopping.


See something you like

Ask yourself, ” what are you willing to pay for this item?”, if it is marked higher than that

Note the color of said item’s tag

Put item back on the shelf

Return for the item when it is at its lowest possible price point.

If its still there at a price that is acceptable MAKE A PURCHASE

If the item sold  previously, say to yourself “KEEP LOOKING IT WILL EVENTUALLY TURN UP” (or,  “YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT!”)

I volunteer at my neighborhood Elementary School. after studying the westward expansion forth graders  play The Oregon Trail Big Day Game where they re-enact the pioneers’ migration at a local park. (more on this in future posts-I have close to 300 photos to sort through first).

Part of the game is to dress the part. I found this pet toy at SVdP marked 99 cents and thought it could be used to make a coonskin cap.

soon-to-be coonskin cap

soon-to-be coonskin cap

Knowing a 50% OFF ALL MERCHANDISE Sale was scheduled for the following weekend I left the toy and came back on Saturday and purchased it for 50 cents. Since that time I have been on the lookout for fake fur fabric to make the cap. I saw some two weeks ago at Goodwill marked $5.99. It wasn’t the perfect solution but it would do, but, I wasn’t willing to pay $5.99. I marked my calendar, reminding me to see if it was still available when red tags went on sale for $1.79 (the cheapest price GW gives). On sale day I was at the store bright and early but the fabric was gone. I did pick up a couple of things and made my way to the check out.

Gray felt & Jelly jar $1.32

Gray felt & Jelly jar $1.32

RIGHT in front of me a lady had the fake fur I had come for. I engaged her in conversation hoping to find out if she planned to use all of the fabric (I only needed a piece around 10×20 inches). She told me she planned to make a throw blanket. I congratulated her on her great FIND.

I’m still looking for a remnant of brown, tan or black fake fur preferably for less than a dollar.

All was not loss though, I did find a penny on the floor.

to rephrase Ben Franklin " a penny found is a penny saved"

to rephrase Ben Franklin ” a penny found is a penny saved”

Do you play “Wait & See” when you go thrifting?

What are your rules?

Have you ever had another customer beat you to your target item RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES?

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2 Responses to Wait and See

  1. susan trumbo says:

    Yes, I had a lady take a quilt, old and handmade, right off the shelf while I was reaching for it. I am trying to re-build my collection after a total loss house fire 2 years ago and was heartbroken when she told her friend it would fetch “big bucks” on eBay.
    And – as for your needing fur – have you looked at stuffed animals in the thrift store? Our thrift sells them for around a dollar and I recently made a neighbors grandson a Daniel Boone style cap using a teddy I dismantled.
    Your columns are just grand – I’m enjoying hearing of your adventures – and your cakes are simply beautiful.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Susan, stuffed animals what a great idea! I seldom even look in the toy section as there are no children in my life to shop for, but I’ll check it out. I had a similar thought about looking for a “Fur” jacket to get the fabric from.

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