In Praise of Freecycle

My wardrobe consists of 99+% wash & wear clothes. No silk, one rayon skirt, a wool jacket and a wool coat.

I bought a red turtleneck sweater at a thrift store without noticing that it was 100% wool. As I do with all my thrifty finds I tossed it in the washer and dryer. Well as you can expect it went from Xtra Large to Xrta Small in the space of an hour and a sweater

It was now useless to me and not wanting it to end up in the landfill I thought someone could use it in a felting project so I listed it on Freecycle. My ad was answered immediately and within a few days the recipient sent me a picture of how she had transformed the sweater into a baby outfit. She was delighted to dress her child in clothes made with natural fibers without the flame retardant chemicals found in commercial baby clothes.



I’m so thankful that Freecycle provided the means of saving the Earth one red sweater at a time.

PS although you see the sweater on a drying rack, I dried it in the dryer, the rack was just a convenient place to photograph it.

PPS You all know that I line dry when possible. However this incident took place in the winter. I’m just late getting it posted.

PPPS I’m still on the lookout for a red turtleneck sweater.

Have you ever ruined a wool garment?  Did you repurpose it? Tell me your story in the comment section.

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1 Response to In Praise of Freecycle

  1. Linda Wirth says:

    Felted wool makes wonderful hot pads. That red sweater would have made great apple shaped hot pads. I sometimes put two pieces together and use my sewing machine to put a decorative stitch around the edge. Family and friends ask for them for birthdays and Christmas. I keep my eyes open all year for cheap wool sweaters just for this purpose.

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