Oregon Trail #3 Alcove Springs

Alcove Springs

Wagon stopped at Alcove Springs

Wagon stopped at Alcove Springs

Pioneers stopping at this lovely site found the name “Alcove Springs” carved into the nearby rocks. The carving had been done by members of the ill-fated Donner Party when they had stopped to rest at this location.  This picturesque area was a favorite campsite near the Independence Crossing of the Big Blue River. The spring originates in an unusual rock formation and falls over a rock ledge into a pool below. Emigrants carved their names in the rocks surrounding the spring, and many of these carvings are still visible.

Picnic at Alcove Springs

Picnic at Alcove Springs

I set up a camp site featuring a covered wagon, laundry drying, and a picnic.

This was the first non-fort landmark on our Oregon Trail Big Day map.

The rules of the game state that at each non-fort landmark pioneers give the Trail Guide some of their “food”, representing the fact that supplies were depleted as they traveled.

Trail guides collecting food

Trail guides collecting food

Frugal details:

Covered  Wagon constructed from cardboard, heavy wire I scrounged from junk that remains from my father’s shop (relatives now live in my family home) and scrap fabric on my garden wagon.

Laundry Twine & clothes pins mine, 99 cent basket from Goodwill, diapers cut from 99 cent St. Vincent de Paul flannel sheet, doll clothes made from Garage Sale fabric scraps.

Picnic my checkered tablecloth,  doll  75 cents & tin cup 49 cents from Deseret Industries.

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