Oregon Trail # 4 Fort Kearney and the Platte River Crossing

Fort Kearney

At each “Fort” the wagon train members are quizzed on the facts regarding that landmark. They then have to opportunity to buy needed supplies.

Answering questions about Fort Kearney

Answering questions about Fort Kearney

Fort Kearny was established in the spring of 1848 in response to the growth of overland emigration to Oregon. This first post on the Oregon Trail, founded along the Platte River, was a precious source of provisions for emigrants on the early section of the trail offering the sale of food, reliable mail service and other amenities. At the height of the pioneer trail use in the 1850s, as many as 2,000 emigrants and 10,000 oxen might pass through in a single day during the height of the trail season in late May. Fort Kearny also served as a stage station, home station for the Pony Express, outfitting depot for Indian campaigns and home of the Pawnee Scouts.

Crossing the Platte River

Crossing the Platte River

Jamie linked arms 2014-img4286Described by early pioneers as “too thin to plow and too thick to drink”, the wagon trains crossed the Platte River at several points. Our travelers linked arms to simulate the cooperation from all members of a train to safely get to the opposite shore.

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