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French Show & Tell Sunday

A snippet of history to go along with today’s Show & Tell. July 14th is Bastille Day. That is it’s known as Bastille Day by the English speaking world, the French refer to this national holiday as La Fete Nationale. It … Continue reading

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Scratch Cooking is always FRUGAL

“Cooking from scratch is always the most FRUGAL way to go!” While, generally speaking I would agree with that statement, there are times it makes more CENTS to use a mix. When you purchase convenience foods you often pay more for … Continue reading

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Sunday Show and Tell

On Sundays I show off some of the cakes we’re made at the bakery I work at part time. Today’s collection is a random assortment.

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Day After the Forth of July Show & Tell

I hope you all had a safe & sane Forth of July. (even those of you who aren’t Americans) What dessert do you eat on the forth? CAKE?, PIE?,  ICE CREAM? OTHER?  

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In Praise of Freecycle

My wardrobe consists of 99+% wash & wear clothes. No silk, one rayon skirt, a wool jacket and a wool coat. I bought a red turtleneck sweater at a thrift store without noticing that it was 100% wool. As I … Continue reading

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