Oregon Trail #7 Buffalo Chips

On the plains the only available fuel was dried buffalo droppings. These buffalo chips burnt fast. It would take a bushel full or more to prepare a meal. Prior to our game paper mache chips were hidden along the trail. Travelers who spotted the chips were rewarded with food.

buffalo chip on the trail

buffalo chip on the trail

if you ever need to make your own buffalo chips here’s how I did it.

I blended shredded newspaper and water in my blender, IMG_4597

drained off as much water as possible. IMG_4598mixed the paper pulp with flour paste with a bit of salt added to prevent mold, and brown paint. I sprinkled straw on a plastic drop cloth and dropped handfuls of the paper mache’ on top of the straw.IMG_4596 I allowed them to sit in the sun until completely dry.

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2 Responses to Oregon Trail #7 Buffalo Chips

  1. susan trumbo says:

    Am loving the Oregon Trail saga – hopefully you aren’t done. The buffalo chips? Pure genius ! Sorry I didn’t post before, I have been reading all of them – and enjoying them very much !
    I am so excited – I bartered my labor/cleaning/organization skills for a car and have been busy finishing up last minute details. I have done the ultimate frugal deal – a car worth almost $5,000 for just under $500 – counting my work. So excited and hopefully you’ll understand ! Never bartered before but I’m sure going to keep at it.

    • Way to go on the car deal, That’s wonderful. I’m glad to know that readers (at least one) enjoy my Oregon Trail series. Since it’s different from my usual topics I wasn’t sure how it would be received. My hope is that a teacher or homeschooler will find it as a source of inspiration for their own Oregon Trail Big Day.

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