Oregon Trail #9 Ft. Bridger and Soda Sprngs

Fort Bridger

 FT BRIDGERfrontier-fort-s

Ft. Bridger was originally a fur trading post established in 1842 by Jim Bridger. Later it became a vital resupply post for wagon trains taking the Oregon Trail.

Jim Bridger discovered the Great Salt Lake. He was a notable pioneer, trapper ,fur trader, scout and guide. Bridger is recognized as one of Americas greatest frontiersmen and the West’s most gifted scouts.

Being quizzed about Fort Bridger

Being quizzed about Fort Bridger

Soda SpringsIMG_9293

At Soda Springs naturally effervescent water bubbled to the earth’s surface. Students get a taste of seltzer water when they reached Soda Springs. soda springs9275Most were not impressed with the taste of the bubbly liquid. Note the face of the boy on the far right.

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