A Tidy Profit

I’ve read about people who make a good living by reselling thrifted items.

Dave Ramsey often tell the story of a man who got out of debt by selling thrifted golf clubs on eBay.

Katy the Non-consumer Advocate is building up her son’s college fund selling garbage picked and thrifted things.

My success has been hit and miss but I’m successful often enough to keep it up.

You remember the cold pack canner I bought last weekend at the Wandering Creek Garage Sale. I sold it today for $10.haul

To make it a more appealing offer I added $1.20 of thrifted mason jars to the $3.00 canner my total output was $4.20, I  more than doubled that making $5.80 profit.

After my mother passed away I sold her canning kettle. It sold quickly so when I saw another one at a G Sale I put it on Craigslist too. It also sold with no problem.

This is the 12th kettle I’ve bought and sold.

When I had posted one kettle multiple times with no response I decided to sweeten the deal and make a canning kit. I found second hand funnel, jar lifter, book and jars and sold the kit in no time for $30. Funny the kettle alone wouldn’t sell for $10 but I had no problem selling the kit for $30.

I now have a “buy if you see it at” list.

Kettle under $5

Cold Pack Canning Kettle $3.00

Cold Pack Canning Kettle

jars 20cents at Goodwill.6 Jars & Lids

lids $1 or less

jar lifter, or wide mouth funnel under $1

under $1.00

under $1.00

7 funnel 2

Canning book (Sunset and Better Homes and Garden both have ones that are easy to find)Under $2.00.

no more than $2.00 each

no more than $2.00 each

I won’t get rich this way but every frugal bit helps.

Do you resell thrifted items?

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2 Responses to A Tidy Profit

  1. Nathalie says:

    I admire anyone who has the energy and entrepreneurship spirit necessary to resell items that they have bought with the purpose of reselling them! Your idea of selling canning kits is awesome. I would think that the kits sell faster than the individual items because when newbies (such as myself) decide to start canning, buying everything individually can look a little daunting.

    I don’t resell my thrift store (or others) finds, mostly because I dislike dealing with people and having people come to my house so I save myself the hassle 🙂 I sold a few books that I no longer needed on Half.com this Spring. I only had to mail the books so it wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t really worth my time, all things considered, and I had to keep boxes of books in my house far longer than I had wanted (I wanted to donate them to the library for their book sale but it was several months away and they didn’t have the storage room). In the end, I made about $34 or less than $2 per book and even though it was $34 that I didn’t have before, I decided not to continue and donated the rest to my local Habitat for Humanity thrift store.

    I do, however, buy things for myself at the thrift store (my favorite recent finds have been an electric kettle for $5 and a Blu Ray disc player for $6.99!) and I make toy “kits” with my donations so the thrift store can try to make extra money by selling the kits rather than selling the small toys individually. For instance, I just cleaned up my son’s room and we donated all his toy cars, plastic animals, plastic soldiers, etc. I sorted through everything and put them in Ziploc bags by theme. I pointed it out to the thrift store workers who were delighted not to have to sort through a million of plastic figurines of all periods, plastic animals and tiny metal vehicles thrown into a cardboard box. I hope someone will buy the kits for Christmas.

    I don’t buy anything off Craig’s List because my husband is convinced that we’ll be murdered if we meet anyone to buy anything from them (!) but I’ve bought used items from Amazon and eBay, as well as from thrift stores and garage sales, of course.

    • I always meet my buyers in a busy grocery store parking lot. The inconvenience of a 3 minute drive is insurance against Craig’s List murderers.
      Its add that I have no qualms about going to a freeecyclers home or having them pick up at mine although I leave things on the porch. Freecyclers have never been in my home. Good for you presorting your donations.

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