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Show & Tell – Meet Rosie

She’s young, talented, enthusiastic and hard working. This means that I won’t be working as many hours as I have been this summer.(until Christmas). She does nice work on simple floral and balloon designs. She’s good at figure piping. Wine pouring … Continue reading


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Chia Collection II

It wasn’t long before generic Chia pets were passé. Licensed characters began to appear in  the 2000 production line. Cartoon characters appeal to both young and old. As with the generic animal collection “In the Original Box” means added value.

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Replacing a Window Screen

I am blessed to live in wonderful neighborhood. Neighbors all keep an eye out for each other. There are many retirees and SAHMs that are at home most of the time. I find no need to close and lock my back doors … Continue reading

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5 Frugal Things

Lacking originality I barrow post ideas from other frugal blogs. Food Waste Friday is the brain child of The Frugal Girl, another example is “5 Frugal Things” Katy the Non-consumer Advocate frequently posts a list of 5 money smart things … Continue reading

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Mr. Coffee

oops!! This post should have appeared before yesterday’s post…… In the corner of my kitchen sits a Mr. Coffee maker that I acquired a few years ago from a Freecycler. Shortly after I got the coffee maker I picked up … Continue reading

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Thrifting AFS style

It took 19 days and 7 stores to find the coffee carafe I was looking for. Some may feel that thrifting takes a lot of time and energy to save a few dollars but I enjoy thrifting, I consider it entertainment (like visiting … Continue reading

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Cookie Show & Tell

Once again I am happily semi- retired. The past few months at the bakery have seen lots of staffing changes. Because I have let them know I am available to fill in and or train new employees I have put in a … Continue reading

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Master Bath Window Covering

I don’t expect to be featured in Better Homes and Garden, but I’m happy with the outcome. Estimated cost  of materials: less than $5. Time to complete project:  about 3 hours, unless you count the years that I spent looking … Continue reading

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Window Covering

My Master bath still needs a covering for the window. After the shower curtain, there wasn’t enough fabric left for a curtain so for the past 3 years I’ve just had the leftover fabric hanging over a tension rod in the window. … Continue reading

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Back Story

I have a 3/4 Master bath in my home. I’ve made several changes improvements to it over the years. I replaced the big square mirror with this oval one. I spray painted the frame silver then antiqued it with shoe polish … Continue reading

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