Drywall Repair

This spring plumbers repaired on my outdoor faucet. To access the pipes they had to tear out the drywall under my Kitchen sink. They told me the drywall patch would be my responsibility. I wasn’t concerned about an unsightly hole under the sink where it couldn’t be seen, so I just left it as is.hole LEFT bu plumberrs

It turns out that somebody DID see it. Mice saw it as an opportunity to get in out of the weather or find more food.

Over the summer, I’ve been seeing evidence that mice were in the house. I posted previously that I had blocked their entry point by screening the vent to the crawl space. Those little mice were laughing at me behind my back. “She thinks she outsmarted us but LOOK we are still here, and inviting our friends to join us. Hehe”

My first thought when I found mouse droppings under the sink was they are just hiding there. I’m SLOW to catch on sometimes, I set traps and every night I caught a mouse. That’s when I remembered the hole in the drywall.

My stiff old back doesn’t enjoy bending low into tight places but I will at least attempt to do this repair myself without calling the professionals.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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3 Responses to Drywall Repair

  1. Nathalie says:

    Is that just insulation or that foam that hardens after you spray it? If it’s the foam, I’m puzzled as to why they wouldn’t just have covered the whole opening with it. The plumbers that came and redid our under-the-kitchen sink plumbing a long time ago used that foam and sprayed a lot of it, blocking the whole opening. It doesn’t look pretty by any means, but, like you, I don’t care.

    Mice chewed through the wood paneling that was installed in my kitchen (pantry) way before we bought the house. Once we killed the mice, I just put a length of duct tape over the holes since no one will notice in the pantry. I’m not sure how we’d repair that if we were to sell the house. I don’t even know if they still sell 70’s style wood paneling, hahaha. We’d have to find a similarly out-of-style home that someone is renovating, I suppose 🙂

    • What you see is fiberglass insulation. I have a can of the spray stuff (I bought it for an art project and never used it). I wish I had thought to use that especially on the smaller holes.
      Thanks for commenting

      • Nathalie says:

        No problem.Thanks for posting about it because as soon as I saw your picture it reminded me that I had added “declog the bathroom sink” to my to-do list several days ago and still hadn’t done it. So I did that before I even read the rest of your post 🙂 So THANK YOU for guilting me into action!

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