Drywall Repair The conclusion

Its NOT pretty, its NOT professional and….

it is NOT mouse PROOFnot mouse proof

The day after my DIY Project I was SO disappointed to find I hadn’t been successful.

On closer investigation I saw two ports of entry that I had overlooked. Two existing holes where pipes came through the drywall

This time I used some wire mesh (the kind that keep leaves out of the gutters) and spackling paste. Make do with what you have is a frugal mindset.screen & Spackle

I cut a square mesh patch, then cut out the size of the pipe and then tacked it to the wall. Then I stuffed the spackling paste in until there was no more hole.small hole patchedWhy, yes I did use thumb tacks, Use what you have on hand, remember?

After two mouse free days I feel I can forget about my back-up planangie's list and return the cleaning supplies to their home under the sink.empty contents I hope I never have to access the pipes in that wall, it may take a jack hammer to get through my patch job.

Have you experienced rodents (or other uninvited critters) in your home? If so how did you handle the problem? Please tell me about your experience in the comments.

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