Back Story

I have a 3/4 Master bath in my home. I’ve made several changes improvements to it over the years.

I replaced the big square mirror with this oval one.

Refinished thrift store mirror

Refinished thrift store mirror

I spray painted the frame silver then antiqued it with shoe polish (the only black paint I had on hand) to give it the look of pewter.

After the original mirror came off it was obvious that the room needed a coat of paint. I wanted a neutral pallet so I chose a tan color.

I inverted and rewired a light fixture

like this but mine was nickel not brass

like this but mine was nickel not brass

to make this chandelier.IMG_1073 In the process I cut my finger on one of the original glass shades and thought my moneysaving project was going to cost me a trip to the ER for stitches but I managed to stop the bleeding and continued with the project. It was taking FOREVER to find 5 thrifted, matching, good quality mini shades so I relented and bought them retail.

I learned from watching HGTV that you can give a small bathroom the appearance of a full bath by mounting a shower curtain over a shower door.IMG_1064

Previous to seeing the show I had purchased several yards of lace fabric. IMG_1069I bought it just because I liked it, and of course because I got it second hand for CHEAP. I had been eyeing this bolt of fabric, watching it week by week get marked down, hoping that it wouldn’t sell until the day it finally reached 99 cents. When that day finally arrived I scooped it up and added it to my stash.

I'm sorta ashamed of this stash and sorta proud of it

I’m sorta ashamed of this stash and sorta proud of it

Perusing the thrift stores I had an Ah Ha moment when I came across a sage green window scarf. I could pair the scarf with my “Tree fabric” and make a shower curtain.

And that’s just what I did.

totally looks like I have a tub, right?

totally looks like I have a tub, right?

Tomorrow I will tell you about my dilemma.

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