Thrifting AFS style

It took 19 days and 7 stores to find the coffee carafe I was looking for.

Some may feel that thrifting takes a lot of time and energy to save a few dollars but I enjoy thrifting, I consider it entertainment (like visiting a museum)

I always incorporate thrifting into necessary errands, so gas usage is minimized.

Three commonly visited stores share a corner, I walk from store to store.finding treasures store front

I pass the St. Vincent de Paul almost everyday going to or from home.SVdP- Kenmore

The bargain prices I’ve gotten more than make up for the gas I consume.

I know its not for everyone but if your retired and/or single, give it a try.

The alternative would be to order from the Mr. Coffee web site $14.99 +S&H.

Or I could have driven to my nearest Walmart and picked up the replacement for $11.47. But the Walmart is in a location that I have no other reason to drive to so  it would be a 16 mile trip just for that one item.

Another option is EBay. The best prices there are new $15.61. Used $14.94

Added earth-friendliness of my 99 cent pot, no new product manufactured, one less pot in the land fill, no packaging, no transportation cost.

I’ll drink to & zicchini bread

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