5 Frugal Things

Lacking originality I barrow post ideas from other frugal blogs.

Food Waste Friday is the brain child of The Frugal Girl, another example is “5 Frugal Things” Katy the Non-consumer Advocate frequently posts a list of 5 money smart things in her day.

I did laundry using a cold water cycle, Dollar Store bleach and used vinegar as fabric softener.cold water wash

I used solar power to make a gallon of Sun Tea.sun tea

I took advantage of the beautiful fall weather to line dry the clothes. It won’t be long before there will be too much moisture in our Pacific NW air to dry outside. laundry drying

I ate leftover Chow Mein for lunch even though it wasn’t very appetizing after being frozen and thawed. (tasted fine though)left over chow mein

Used gray water to water the pots on my back porch.IMG_1207

How about you what frugal stuff did you do?


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