Replacing a Window Screen

I am blessed to live in wonderful neighborhood. Neighbors all keep an eye out for each other. There are many retirees and SAHMs that are at home most of the time. I find no need to close and lock my back doors when I’m away for a short period of time.

One day I put a piece cake on the kitchen counter to snack on later. Then took an after-work  to my beloved park.

I returned an hour or so later to find most of the cake gone and crumbs scattered everywhere. Yes the doors were opened but the screens were closed.

damaged screen

damaged screen

My guess is that a hungry raccoon (who lives in the greenbelt behind me) smelled the cake. Tore through the screen and helped him/her self.

Hardware stores sell replacement screen. I found the tool and spline I needed while thrifting.

rescreening supplies

rescreening supplies

To replace the screen I lifted the slider out of the track.lift out door Installation instructions are  posted on the door frame. I just reversed the order to remove the to move door

The new screen came with easy to follow instructions.directions included

Removed the old screen by pulling out the rubber spline that holds it in place. remove old

Use tool to fit spline back into groove. I was surprised that the screen went in nice and taught without any effort on my part.slining

Trim away extra screen trimmingand rehang door.racoon

This project took less than 3 hours. It might have been less if I hadn’t been documenting every move I made.

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2 Responses to Replacing a Window Screen

  1. susan trumbo says:

    Excellent job, and I loved the photo at the end. Totally unexpected and it gave me a smile, it did.

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