Show & Tell – Meet Rosie

She’s young, talented, enthusiastic and hard working. This means that I won’t be working as many hours as I have been this summer.(until Christmas).

She does nice work on simple floral and balloon designs.IMG_1343 red roses

she can write in spanish

she can write in Spanish

She’s good at figure piping.WP_20150925_16_37_18_Pro [390392]

Wine pouring out
IMG_1185wine bottle
She came up with this design when a customer wanted a toy dinosaur and a rainbow with clouds.IMG_1183rainbow,dinoFootball Cake.IMG_1342 football

One of two mermaid cakes we made that day, you’ll see mine in a future post.IMG_1188fishrmn & mermaid

The over-the-top Care Bear cake she made for her niece.IMG_1179carebearRosie’s first wedding cake with us.

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1 Response to Show & Tell – Meet Rosie

  1. Jen says:

    care bear cake is fab u lous!!!

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