Five Frugal Things

  1. Despite being tempted on several occasions,  I have refrained from turning on the furnace.  I just wear layers and huddle in my blanket.
  2. I batched errands including a trip to the grocery store where I bought a marked down sirloin steak and a whole chicken (87cents/#)



  3. I went on a meal making marathon. I portioned all the food into AFS single serving frozen dinners.

    Spinach Shrimp Casserole

    Spinach Shrimp Casserole

I have a tendency to make the same things over and over. So I’m working at getting more seafood into my diet and using new recipes. This turned out Delicious. I saved energy by baking it in my toaster oven.toaster oven

burritos ready to freeze

burritos ready to freeze

The cheapest pizza at the store is $4.99$4.99 pizza

Mine's tastier and cheaper

Mine’s tastier and cheaper

Not pictures is a batch of taco meat ready for tacos or taco salad and Italian meat patties ready for sandwich making.

4.Thanks to Jami at An Oregon Cottage, I made my own tomato sauce from homegrown tomatoes. I’ll make more when these ripen.tomatoe crop

5.I stayed up late to finish reading a library book before it is due to avoid a overdue fine.library book

What frugal activities have you been up to?

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5 Responses to Five Frugal Things

  1. Susan says:

    I’ve been rather frugal myself, but not quite on your level. I turned 5 pounds of “going to be tossed” tomatoes into sauce and juice, turned a 3 pound bag of apples put on the damaged shelf for .99 cents into apple sauce and apple butter – and lastly made my wee dog a warm weather sweater out of a discarded wool sweater, put in our free pile in our community room.
    With the help of my library, I taught myself how to “felt” a wool sweater and my girl seems to love her coat.
    I too refuse to put my heat on quite yet – it’s electric and very dear to run. A extra sweater and early to bed take care of the chills.
    And would you please share your shrimp and spinach recipe? It looks very tasty !

  2. I have those sheets 🙂
    I also have been marathon cooking and moving out the “odds and ends” and “tidbits” in my freezer. Like two places I have left over hamburgers enough to make a full meal.
    Found a lonely chicken breast , going into the next batch of Butter Chicken.
    Moved out two containers of homemade chicken broth, one for a large pot of rice to refreeze for future meals .The other to make the fixings for chicken pot pie or stew.
    I have ordered a half a side of beef so some organization is necessary.
    Frugal Spinster I love your blog and the way you think. Nice to know I have some “twins” out there:)

    • I have a sister 5 years younger than me. We are often asked if we are twins. To which I reply “she is but I’m not” they are then very confused until I explain that she has a twin brother.
      I assume you’re referring to the pillow cases, I fell in love with those sheets when I first saw them in the J C Penney’s catalog probably back in the 70s. I wasn’t as dedicated to frugality then but even so they were more than I was willing to pay.
      I was delighted when I found this set, still in original packaging at a garage sale in the 90s. The fitted sheet doesn’t fit my thicker mattress so I used it to make a second set of pillow cases, and use a plain white bottom sheet now. The sheets you see in the picture are pale blue flannel sheets (I don’t care for the feel of flannel pillow cases on my face)

  3. Yes it was the pillow cases. I like your repurposing of the sheets. I am kicking myself. I was at a Goodwill close to me and saw a vintage, great quality flat double sheet. Don’t know why I put it down. It had never been washed. Probably in a drawer for a special occasion. I would have used it . I like the feel of those kind of sheets. No worries, may be awhile but there will be another.
    What a clever response to being a twin.

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