Thrifty Haul

Until 1964 Highway 99 was the North-South corridor through the pacific coast states. Unlike California and Oregon, much of the former route of U.S. Highway 99 in Washington still exists as local roads and regular city streets. In my area Highway 99 or Aurora Ave N as it is also call is a Thrift Shoppers dream. One day I’d like to start in Everett where Highway 99 is known as Evergreen Way and work my way south into Seattle visiting all 10 second hand stores along the highway. Actually, I wouldn’t, as much as I like thrifting 10 stores in one day would be just too much.

On Saturday I needed to go into Shoreline for an errand. Coincidentally it was on Aurora Ave N. So I included a visit to Deseret Industries and Salvation Army. After leaving SA my route home passed Goodwill, my third thrift store for the day.

Here’s my haul:

Deseret Industries $8.21

Deseret Industries

Salvation Army 93 cents

Salvation Army
93 cents

Goodwill $12.01

Goodwill $12.01

Deseret Industries:

  1. I plan to use the skirt pattern to refashion this thrifted dress.I’m sure I could adjust the hem line w/o a pattern but this 50 ₵ purchase will take the guess work out of it.

    dress to refashion

    dress to refashion

  2. I restocked my supply of Hot Glue Sticks 50 cents
  3. remembering how hard it was to find a hairbrush last time I needed one I picked up two 75 cents each.
  4. Emergency rain poncho- I like to carry one in my car that I can offer to the people begging in the rain at the freeway on ramps. 50 cents
  5. ribbon- to add to my craft supplies $1.00
  6. doll pattern -because I am a sucker for stuffed dolls
  7. Eddie Bauer sling pack $2.00- I’m going to try to sell this on Craig’s List for $10, but I’ll keep it for myself if it doesn’t sell.
  8. Bib- 50 cents I have a sewing project that requires a small amount of waterproof fabric this will work perfect.

Next stop Salvation Army where I picked up a brand new box of Q-Tips. Perfect timing my supply is pretty low.q tipsFinal Stop: Goodwill

  1. 3 mini scrub boards $1 to use next year on the Oregon Trail Big Day
  2. Canning Book & wide mouth funnel $2 for my next Craig’s List canning kit
  3. a bar of soap 50 cents
  4. Fabric markers-  $1 another addition to my craft supplies Maybe I’ll use them to make the faces on the rag dolls
  5. 5 lbs. of Wild bird seed $5.99 Retail value $10.IMG_2073thistle feeder
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