It all began with the clothes line I set up as a prop on the Oregon Trail (see July 28th post )

Can any of you fellow bloggers explain how to make a link back to a previous post?

Rather than a life sized clothes line I made a mini version using doll clothes.picnic at alcolve springs

There must be a name for the disorder I have. Once I start it’s hard to stop me.

I found one doll at Deseret Industries to use in the Alcove Springs scene.IMG_7865 Then I started checking the toy department every time I went thrifting. That’s when I found this NEW Madame Alexander doll, $4.99 and thought I could make a profit reselling her on Craig’s List. Erica from GWBut first I wanted to make her a I put doll clothes pattern on my “keep an eye out for…” list. pattern collection

Like I said once I get started I go overboard.

When I saw this doll for $2.99 I thought I could also flip her ( after I untangled her hair).Battat GW $2.99 Maybe I’ll open a second hand doll store on Etsy.

Then while looking for some props to use when I style these dolls for resale I not only found the perfect little chair but two more dolls.$2 each

$2.00 each. Again both these dolls needed major untangling.



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