A Frugal Spinster’s January Groceries

January 4th

1-4-16 $1 dollar storeDollar Store $1.00

1-4-16 GO $9.25Grocery Outlet $9.25

January 16th

1-7-16 winco $33.74Winco $33.74

January 20th

1-20-16 GO.$9.44Grocery Outlet $9.44

January 27th

Sorry no picture but I bought: Tilapia, marked down ground beef, ground pork, tea, and whole wheat flour.

Saars $31.40

1-27-16 go $1.49Grocery Outlet $1.49

My grocery budget is $70.oo/month

I spent $86.32 but I a surplus from previous months

In future posts I tell you about how I used these groceries.

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