My plans for the thrift store finds

In a few weeks Eco Cubs will be having a work party to weed the schools flower beds. I’m donating the trowel to the cause.trowel for cubsThe club can always use more hand tools.

I have had my hair cut in short layers for years. I’m getting tired of the same old style. I don’t know what I want but in the mean time I’m letting it grow and need something to keep it out of my eyes. 1-23-16 GW $1.10I only kept the tortoise shell double headband. The others were too tight.

Birds are starting to sing. Spring isn’t too far off. Summer follows Spring, and finally SUMMER! The pectin and canning lids will be put to use making jam making jam. 1-4-16 SA $1.64Certo costs over $5 retail

Slowly but surely I am replacing my hodge-podge assortment of storage containers with these Rubbermaid ones. They are a good size for single portion leftovers and they stack together neatly. 1-27-16gw$3.04I love using  lighters for candles but these matches were only 99cents and they won’t end up in a landfill like the empty lighters do. Now my collection of mugs includes one with pelicans.

Somewhere in the future is a new puppy and when we find her she will need a training lead. 1-4-16 $5.40 GWGentle Leaders retail for $15+. At $3.99 I couldn’t pass it up.


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