My plans for the thrift store finds- Part 2

For years I have been collecting ornaments. I am very specific about the collection. They must be (at least somewhat) realistic looking birds in flight or with a clip on them so they can perch.

1-17-16 $8.79This wren fit the bill

wren in treeHere it is perched on a tree branch that I made to display the collectionbird tree

The  $7.99* price tag gave me pause. It was much more than my typical second hand purchase, but many of the other birds were purchased retail for that price or more so I went ahead and made the purchase.

* the wren was in a bag with other ornaments, I re-donated the rest.

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3 Responses to My plans for the thrift store finds- Part 2

  1. The Things I Do says:

    I love going thrift shopping! Its my favorite thing to do. And dont you love turning trash into treasure??

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