My plans for the thrifty store finds- Part 3

So that l leaves1-8-16 GW

I purchased the bag of sewing notions just for the sewing machine needles. It is recommended that you use a new needle for each garment. I don’t do that but they do get dull or break so I use quite a few. The bobbins just happen to be the right ones for my machine, so I got a bonus. I’m holding on to the rest of the stuff because you never know when you might need something.torso & arms - Copy

sailor suitWith a small alteration to the wrist bands the sailor suit fits my doll.

I found a family shelter that is in need of toys. blue gingham shirt 55cents 1-23-16 SVdP1-12-16 SVdP $1.64IMG_3023The shirts provided the fabric needed and 1-23-16 Thistle 7 thngs $1.71I used the pattern (along with others I already have) to make a wardrobe for the doll.

dolls modelingShe’s here with her friends to model for you.

If you’ve been Thrifting lately, leave me a know telling about your treasures.

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1 Response to My plans for the thrifty store finds- Part 3

  1. Leigh says:

    You are so talented! And so kind. I find your frugality and how much you give to others inspiring. I love reading your blog and am glad you are back after the Christmas break. Leigh from New Zealand

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