The return of Sunday Show & Tell

I apologize for the lack of cake post lately. The bakery’s landlord terminated our lease at the end of November. We knew this was coming but had not expected it so soon. Our new location was still under construction, so we were closed for 6 weeks. (I have a back log of photos to show but somehow my heart wasn’t in it). Being Valentine’s weekend they needed my help decorating so I have some fresh photos to show off.


Which do you like best?

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2 Responses to The return of Sunday Show & Tell

  1. Lisa says:

    I love the chocolate hearts!

  2. you think they look good, you should TASTE them. chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, marzipan all dipped in chocolate Mmmm. Its a good thing we only make these for Valentine’s & Mother’s Days. Or I’d be in BIG trouble.

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