Five Frugal Things

1. .I’ve picked up 32 cents since the first of the year. This puts me on a pace to collect a paltry $2.85 in found money for 2016. No one ever got rich picking up lost coins but some people do WAY better than me. In order to pick up money you have to be in the places where people drop it. I’ve heard that drive thru windows and Coinstar machines are great places to look, but since I don’t frequent retail establishments I’m not in a situation to find much.

2.When my tube of Thrift store lotion was empty. I proved it wasn’t by cutting it open and getting several more applications of hand cream out of it.HAND LOTION

3.I barrowed Freedom Writers DVD from the library and watched it on my laptop. (I choose not to own a TV) I highly recommend this movie.freedom writers

4. Years ago I purchased 2 bookshelves for $15

.whole book case

I wanted to paint them white. I stripped one and put on a coat of paint. I was so disappointed in the poor results (very streaky) that I quit working on it.IMG_3209book case pieces

The abandoned project has been sitting in my garage for somewhere around 10 years, oh how time flies.

This week a freecycler posted

Wanted: Book shelf (Lynnwood)

Need a wooden book shelf, must be structurally sound or at least repairable. I can do repairs or refinishing


I replied offering my shelves.

Now Tim has a project to work on and the shelves he needs.

This wasn’t frugal for me but Freecycling works because people give and receive. I have received a lot and am willing to give when I can help other freecyclers out.

5. I re-patched my very warn Log cabin quilt. its no longer color coordinated but its not coming unraveled any more and it has a long warm future ahead of it.quilt repair_3213

Now it’s your turn.

Leave a comment.

Tell me what frugality you’ve been up to.

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