February Thrift Report

February 1- Helping Hands $2.082-1-16 HH $2.08

I’ve heard/read others that say; undergarments are where they draw the line when it comes to second hand clothes. I’m satisfied that once I’ve washed any garment it is ready for me to wear. I have purchased a swim suit, this is my second bra, I pick up socks regularly, I have also purchased undies but they were new with tags. (if I needed underwear I would purchase lightly worn second hand as well)

I already have a good supply of jelly jars but these 4oz. ones are my favorite for gift giving and they were only 17 cents each.


February 3- Deseret Industries $3.012-3-16 DI $3.01

Come summer I’ll be well stocked with both jars and canning lids. And while I’m enjoying the summer nights on my back porch I won’t be bothered by mosquitos because I’ll have a thrifted citronella candle to ward them off. Actually it takes several citronella candles burning around me to keep the bugs at bay.

Goodwill $1.31 2-3-16 GW $1.31shopping bag  because this onetattered bag is coming apart and needs replacing.

February 5-St.Vincent de Paul $3.472-5-16 SVdP $

I just can’t resist that 50 cent bin.

When the bakery moved into our new location the owners instituted a dress code that includes a hat. I used fabric I already had and these 19 cent patterns to make these.IMG_3252scrubs caps

I used the pattern I got at DI and two tee shirts from St. Vinnie’s 50 cent bin to make thisbaby sackIMG_3324Its for a real baby not a doll but I don’t have a baby to model it.

The gingham capris with the embroidered border became these overallsgingham overalls

February 15-St. Vincent de Paul $4.732-15-16 SVdP $4.73

The cast iron stove is for the Oregon Trail.

You’ve probably noticed I’m a sucker for doll patterns.

I just broke a glass and these were only 40 cents so I bought a replacement and I’ll be prepared the next time one breaks.

I will donate the water bottles to my favorite street ministry.

The pins and lace will be added to my sewing supplies.

I bought more in February but this post is getting pretty long so come back tomorrow to see my other FINDS.





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