February Thrift Report Part 2

February 17 – Eastside community Aid 72 cents2-17-16 ECA $.72

You’ll see these made up in future posts (maybe)

Goodwill #1 $1.642-17-16 GW $1.64.JPG

I’m so unhappy that stores are bagging patterns rather than selling them individually. So far its just Value Village and Goodwill but others will probably follow their lead. The problem with it is they force you to buy patterns you don’t want to get the one you do. Most often two or more unrelated patterns are bagged together. I only purchase uncut patterns and when they are bagged I can’t tell if they are cut or not. This time I was fortunate to find two doll patterns packaged together for 99cents that made them a reasonable 50 cents each but the second bag only contained one pattern and it was priced at $5.99. price discripancyI told the cashier I was willing to pay 99 cents for the one pattern but $5.99 was ridiculous when two were going for 99 cents. I was pleasantly surprised when he rand it up at 5o cents. I used one of these patterns to make the overalls I showed you yesterday.

Goodwill #2 $1.742-17-16 GW$1.74

I hope I can find some activities in this book to use with Eco Cubs.

Jubilee REACH $7.892-17-16 Jubalee Reach $7.89

Pads because at my age leaks happen (especially with physical activity or in cold weather).

I’ll be well stocked with canning lids when canning season gets here.

The small laundry basket is for an Oregon Trail game. I want the children to get a taste of real pioneers life by having teams race to finish a load of laundry that must be washed in the river and hung to dry.laundry kit

At the check stand I was asked to draw a card because it waswacky wednesdayI would get a discount anywhere from 40-70% off. I got 50%.

February 27 Goodwill 2-27-16birdola GW 55 C55 cents.

I had previously seen this Bird Feeder Cleaner, but passed it by because washing my feeders with a 10% bleach solution is a frugal way to keep my wild bird friends disease free, but at 50 cents I decided to go for it.

I thrifted one more thing in February. I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about it.


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2 Responses to February Thrift Report Part 2

  1. lilimounce says:

    Frugal spinster, what do you do with the doll clothing you sew?

  2. You could say I never grew up. I make them for the pure joy of it. I do intend to open an Etsy shop, in the mean time I’ve got them listed on Craig’s List. No sales yet. I’d donate them to underprivileged children but under privileged children don’t own AG dolls.

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