February Thrift Report part 3

Reading Refashion blogs has convinced me that I NEED a dress form. I’ve seen a few over the past few months but they were too expensive, too small, or in bad shape. I checked Craig’s List and found this CL AdI talked to the seller and decided that this was the form I was looking for. So I took an afternoon drive and came home with this2-25-16 CL $40

$40 was much less than the 80-100 I had budgeted for a dress form, but this one was so far away I would need to factor in gas consumption(+$15). It still came in under budget.

I found the same dress form listed on Amazon.retail_3384

The lady I bought it from said “I paid good money for it years ago, but I’m just not doing that much sewing these days”. I got home and was adjusting the form to fit me when I found this tag from 2008.vv $19.99

She made a profit and I got a deal. Win-Win!

I’m eager to get started on my first refashion with the help of a form. 1st refashionTotal spent thrifting in February $67.14

Have you finally found what you were searching for? Please leave a comment telling  me your delayed gratification story.


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2 Responses to February Thrift Report part 3

  1. vintage51 says:

    I recently found another thrifted dress in a much beloved pattern from the Gap. I refashioned the first dress into my favourite top and have been hunting for this pattern for over a year when I found another dress today in the same fabric. Luckily this one is too big so an easy refashion later I will have a fabulous dress with pockets in one of my favourite prints. I love my dress form too, can’t sew without it because I don’t tend to start from a pattern, I just figure stuff out by pinning it on the dress form. You will find it indispensable to have one again. Cheers, Michele

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