February Groceries & Meal prep

My February shopping looked like this

2-3-16 Grocery Outlet $15.16

2-3-16 GO $15.16


2-13-16 Safeway $9.56 and Grocery Outlet $3.98

2-13-16 safeway$956

Safeway was out of 99C/#chicken so I got a rain check

2-15-16 Safeway $11.82


2-25-16 Haggen’s $6.48

2-25-16 haggens 6.48

Because of dental surgery I’m on antibiotics. The pharmacist suggested I eat yogurt. So of course I made a batch but it’s been a while so I didn’t have any starter.

I made a batch of Lima Bean Stew

Lima bean stew


I froze most of the chicken in 2-thigh portions for future meals then made Chicken Fricassee.

chicken fricassee

I ate  one Fricassee meal, froze 4 servings, and used the remaining serving to make Chicken Pot Pie

pot pie

I made discs of pie dough to top it and froze them between layers of waxed paper.

pot pie pastry

One of the fringe benefits of working in food service is free food.

day old hogies

Day old Hoagie Rolls

spin croissant

Spinach Croissants

During the cold, dark days of winter my sister’s hens all but halt egg production. Wouldn’t you know it right after I purchased a dozen eggs she called to say she had eggs for me.

free eggs

free range, large, organic, delicious “Hen Fruit”

Each time I make a Wedding cake delivery I take a pastry bag of frosting with me in case I need to make repairs. Most of the time its a week before I go back to the bakery. I don’t let the frosting go to waste though. One of my favorite snacks since childhood has been graham crackers & frosting

free frosting_3395

Let me know if you’d like the recipes for Lima Bean Stew, or  Chicken Fricassee.



Grocery spending for February $47 even. Under budget but next month I need to stock up on butter, sugar and flour so I’m glad there is a surplus.


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1 Response to February Groceries & Meal prep

  1. lilimounce says:

    When my kids were little, after frosting a birthday cake, I’d have some frosting left in the bags, afterward. I’d keep it in the fridge, and then for an afternoon snack or treat, I’d pipe frosting onto a graham cracker for them, usually their name or the outline of an animal or a smiley face. I’d forgotten that I did that, until you mentioned the frosting on graham crackers. Happy memories!

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