Five Frugal Things

One-I have 4 jumbo packs of 99cent chicken thighs in my freezer. I should be good on chicken for quite some time. I went to the store on Saturday night they were out of SALE chicken. I asked for a RAIN CHECK. Went back to store Monday SALE chicken was in stock this time I bought 2. A week later I bought 2 more using the Rain Check.2-15-16safeway$11.82

Two-As I’m using the chicken, the bones are going into the freezer to become future stock.

Three & Four-Recently a wind storm left me without power.  I resisted the urge to go out for dinner and ate a candle lit dinner of granola instead. For entertainment I huddled under a blanket and watched a library DVD  on my laptop.

Five- My St. Vincent de Paul has done away with their 50 Cent bins. This will save me a small fortune (but it may cut down the number of REFASHIONS I do).bins at SVdP



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3 Responses to Five Frugal Things

  1. vintage51 says:

    I delight in being frugal and thrifty too. Being thrifty does not just mean buying second hand clothing and refashioning, sometimes it is going without spending unnecessary money. Good luck with the frugal choices in life. Cheers, Michele

  2. Carol Pavlik says:

    Chicken thighs are so much more flavorful than breast s.

  3. I agree, I’m a DARK meat fan all the way:)

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