Pi Day

Once again I have a collection of flavor specific pie plates to show you. I did not buy any of these Just took pictures.

There may be an infinite number of pie flavors but I keep seeing the same ones over and over. Apple:

AP $6.99 VV

$6.99 at Value Village


appl GW $7.99

$7.99 at Goodwill

apple VV$499

$4.99 at Value Village


bb 9.99 gw

$9.99 at Goodwill

blu $6.99 GW

$6.99 at Goodwill

Blue$4.99 SVdPCherry:

cherry $3.99 v v

$3.99 at Value Village

cherry $5.99 VV

$5.99 at Value Village

cherry $9.99 pie_2568and Pumpkin

pum $999VV

$9.99 at Value Village

Pumpkin plates seem to be the most fancypump fancypumpkin praise

TJMax $16. GW $4.99

$4.99 at Goodwill with the original T.J.Maxx label of $16

and I have a lone example of Strawberry

strawberry $9.99 GW

$9.99 at Goodwill

My favorite is the pumpkin with the scroll work design. How about you?

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