Five Frugal Things

#1 I have spent $0.00 on hair cuts this year.

For the last 20 or so years I’ve worn my hear in short layers. This required a $20 hair cut every 6 weeks.  I decided I want to have a different look. So In December instead of getting my regular layered cut I just had her trim off the bottom so I can grow it out to all one length. Its time to trim the bottom again but I’ve been 3 months w/o a haircut.

#2 I am using free wood  chips to mulch my flower bedsIMG_3686

bonus free aerobic exercise

#3 Instead of getting a new dress for Easter I wore one I made three years ago from a thrift store sheet.EASTER DRESS

#4 The weather is improving and every once in a while its nice enough to air dry my laundryAIR DRY -3-17-16

#5 I’m looking forward to a nice BIG pay check. I worked long hours on Friday and Saturday. Lots and lots of Easter cakes.IMG_3706spring

Now its your turn. What frugal activities have you been up to?

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5 Responses to Five Frugal Things

  1. Susan Trumbo says:

    I haven’t been too overly frugal, nothing really out of the normal anyway – but I did score 10 lbs of ground beef for $1.00 per pound. It’s ground round and usually $5.99 per pound. Now I’m not much of a ground beef eater, but own a wee dog with some serious stomach issues related to abuse. She eats boiled hamburger and rice 2x a day mixed with her kibble and while I mostly buy the cheapest I can – it’s still over $4.00 per pound.
    I overheard our butcher debating what to do with his freshly ground meat – sell or toss. They were getting new coolers installed and the timing was poor – he had just stocked up. When I inquired, he offered me 10 pounds for $10.00 – why yes, please. It’s divided into 20 portions, which means 20 weeks worth – I’m quite happy about this. I haven’t had time to break down my overall savings, but I shall.

    And – your Easter dress is lovely, simply beautiful – and from a sheet? You really are amazing talented ! Not only pretty, but I’ll bet it’s a dream to wash and dry.

  2. I love your dress! And your cake! Such talent! I haven’t bought any fabric thread or buttons, etc. This year. I have been using up my stash! Does that count?

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