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DIY Hose Repair

I carelessly ran the lawn mower over a soaker hose severing the female connection end. My sister now lives in our family home and my fathers shop is just the way he left it 20+ years ago, brimming with just about anything … Continue reading

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Five Frugal Things

I repaired a broken soaker hose rather than buying a new one. I  use bread odds and ends to make a supply of bread crumbs I found four pennies waiting for me in the parking lot when I went to the … Continue reading

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Show and Tell

Just like last week I have baby cakes to show you.

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Sunday Show & Tell

We’re doing a lot of baby shower cakes recently I just love what Rosie did with the “O”

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Five Frugal Things

Our off season heat wave is over, nonetheless, I hung my laundry to air dry. Some things weren’t dry by night fall so  I had to put the towels in the drier to finish. My friends Mark & Jessica are going to … Continue reading

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Not Just Cake Show & Tell

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Iced Tea

I’ve  been meaning to do this post for quite some time, but kept forgetting to get my thoughts down. Thanks to Carol who asked why I purchase DaVinci  syrups for being the spark I needed. I grew up in a … Continue reading

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Groceries and Meals for March

I started with $26.17 in my grocery “envelope”. I knew I needed to stock up on some staples at Cash & Carry, a restaurant wholesale store so I budgeted $100. rather than my usual $70 this month. Let’s see what I … Continue reading

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Show and Tell


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March Thrift Report

I didn’t do as much thrifting as I usually do in March. Here’s what I DID buy. Because I don’t already have enough white dishes. (I have “Thriftitis”, I can’t help myself)I’ve been wanting to replace my cracked crock before … Continue reading


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