March Thrift Report

I didn’t do as much thrifting as I usually do in March.

Here’s what I DID buy.

3-1-16 svdp $.54

St. Vincent de Paul 54 cent

Because I don’t already have enough white dishes. (I have “Thriftitis”, I can’t help myself)white dishesI’ve been wanting to replace my cracked crock before it decides to completely break.

crack in crock pot

I was finding removable crocks in short supply and when I did see them they were more than I was willing to pay. $599 crock

3-1-16 DI $5.20

Deseret Industries $5.20

So I was delighted to find this slightly less dated than my original 1970s model for less than I’d seen crocks alone. As for the pattern its another example of “Thriftitis”

I don’t get sick very often, and when I do I don’t usually get very sick. Even so, when I’m not feeing well the least little thing can seem like a catastrophe. Things like trying to take my temperature only to learn the battery in the digital thermometer is dead. old thermometer3491(I’m not sure how many time I replaced the battery in my thermometer only to find that it was dead again by the time I felt the need to see if I was running a fever) I was very happy to find this old school thermometer for $1.

3-10-16 GW $1.08

Goodwill $1.08

In November of 2015 I picked up this lemurlemur with the intention of using his tail for another Coon skin cap.

3-1-16 bargain corner $.75

Bargain Corner 75 cents

He’s just been hanging out in the sewing room until I could find the fabric for the cap part. Here’s the finished product.

lemur skin cap


St. Vincent de Paul 54 cents

I’ll be donating this emergency blanket to a street ministry.

3-9-16 GW $1.04

Goodwill $1.04

3-9-16 ECA $6.13

Eastside Community Aid $6.13

When I see canning supplies my “thriftitis” flairs up every time. This clothes line will be the final link in the series of retractable clothes lines that go around the perimeter of my back porch.

3-9-16 SVDP $2.39

St. Vincent de Paul $2.39

OK, bird themed mugs are another symptom of “thriftitis” And it never hurts to have an extra field guide when your as avid a  bird watcher as much as I am.

Do you buy things you don’t really need just because you find a super deal at the thrift store?

What are the symptoms of your “THRIFTITIS”?

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