Groceries and Meals for March

I started with $26.17 in my grocery “envelope”. I knew I needed to stock up on some staples at Cash & Carry, a restaurant wholesale store so I budgeted $100. rather than my usual $70 this month.

Let’s see what I bought and what I ate…

Cash & Carry $70.323-1-16 C&C $

Safeway $18.613-1-16 safeway $

Right away I made a batch of oven baked Chicken,AFS Shake & Bake then used some of that to stock my freezer with Burritos.burrito makingI made breaded pork chopspork chps accompanied by oven roasted red potatoes made with

sale soup

Marked down Onion Soup Mix

Pork chops and apple sauce go together in my book so when I discovered I’d finished off all my home canned apple sauce, I made  a quick trip to the produce stand for

3-28-16$1.33 yakima

Apples $1.33

After that I individually wrapped the rest of the pork chops  and put them in the freezer for future meals.


Grocery Outlet $3.353-12-16 GO)

These helped my make


Hawaiian Pizza

In fact I think I made pizza 3 times this month.

Safeway $4.78Safeway 3-16-16 $4something

I wanted whole milk so I could make a batch of yogurt, but also grabbed the 2% when I saw it was marked down. With so much milk on hand I decided to use the day-old Honey Wheat rolls I brought home from work

free bread

free bread

to make bread pudding

bread pudding

Pioneer Bread Pudding


Safeway $.05 -no picture of the ginger root I needed to make

garlic honey chicken

Honey Garlic Chicken

using some more of the chicken I’d stock piled.

The freezer still held a nice assortment of leftovers at the first of March so although I didn’t do a lot of cooking the past month I still had a varied diet.

For snacking, I made

chex mix

Chex Mix

banana bread

banana bread


pb bars

Peanut butter bars

I took advantage of some loss leaders

Haggens 3-21-16 $11

Haggen’s $11.00

3-8-16 go $

Grocery Outlet $9.69

3-1-16 QFC $4.50

QFC $4.50

Grand total:$123.63

and I still have $2.54 to supplement April’s grocery budget.

I still have lots of chicken, do you have a favorite recipe for me to try?

Same goes for pork recipes.

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8 Responses to Groceries and Meals for March

  1. lilimounce says:

    Someone’s going to have some delicious hot cocoa! Or do you use the Ghirardelli cocoa powder in baking?

  2. I use it in baking but mostly when I make chocolate syrup for my imitation mocha each morning. Honestly I don’t buy it for the Ghirardelli brand but because it comes in a large quantity. Sometimes I just buy Hershey’s.

    • lilimounce says:

      I’ve never used Ghirardelli in baking, but that must make some delicious brownies and icing. Although, Hershey’s consistently ranks high among cocoa powder in consumer blind-tasting tests. I think ATK did a sampling of various cocoa powders, a while back, and found Hershey’s to rank quite highly with it’s testers.

  3. SMP says:

    Would you share the pork chop recipe?

  4. Carol says:

    What do you use DaVincis syrup for?

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