Not Just Cake Show & Tell


Tool Cookies


Bread Sculpture

IMG_0454sealing wax petit4s

Sealing Wax Petis Fours


Assorted Mini Tarts tarts7985

More Mini Tarts

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3 Responses to Not Just Cake Show & Tell

  1. lauralynne says:

    I love those sealing wax petit fours!! What a fun idea.

  2. lilimounce says:

    Is there a cookie cutter for the tool cookies? That bread sculpture is pretty impressive! It would be hard for me to tear into it.

    • The customer brought in the tool cookie cutter set. It was a set of four (I can’t remember what the other two were). We have a minimum of one dozen per shape, so since she only needed 20 cookies she opted for the saw and drill.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if people just use the bread sculptures for a centerpiece rather than food.

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