Five Frugal Things

Our off season heat wave is over, nonetheless, I hung my laundry to air dry. Some things weren’t dry by night fall so  I had to put the towels in the drier to finish.air dry

My friends Mark & Jessica are going to Wenatchee for a few days. Maddie is staying with me. I don’t “charge” for my dog sitting services, but I accept monetary thank you gifts based on what the dog owner feels my services is worth. Maddie

I picked up a collection of pots from a FREE pile on the side of the street near my favorite park. free pots

Just in time to replenish my supply  that was depleted when I offered some daisies and lilacs on Freecycle. freecycled plants

I combined offers to save $29.00 getting my car serviced.combined coupons

I rented a power washer and cleaned my driveway myself rather than hiring someone else.

This is a VERY messy job, best done on a HOT day

This is a VERY messy job, best done on a HOT day

I’d like to hear from you, Frugal Readers, do you have 5 frugal things as well?

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5 Responses to Five Frugal Things

  1. adelineh5888 says:

    I’m about to embark on living alone after 24 years of marriage. Any ideas?

    • For me as an spinster (old maid), there was never a dramatic change to living alone. Forty years ago I had room mates but as they married I eventually found myself living alone. I’ve never been a high wage earner so even with shared expenses I was on the frugal side. I think I’d need to know more about your lifestyle to give you advice. Feel free to ask specific questions if/when they come up.

      • adelineh5888 says:

        I work for $8an hour as a housekeeper in a nursing home. I’m 57 and am hopefully about to live in my first ever apartment paying $475(which id’s cheap for one bed one bath)

  2. WOW that’s good rent but still things will be tight for you. Cut ALL non-essential spending. Prioritize food and shelter are most important. probably no NEW clothes, no eating out. If you have a car payment you may need to move down in car to something you can pay for.
    I hope that helps.

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