Five Frugal Things

I repaired a broken soaker hose rather than buying a new one.IMG_4198

I  use bread odds and ends to make a supply of bread crumbsbread crumbs

I found four pennies waiting for me in the parking lot when I went to the parkpennies from heaven

I recycled clear plastic domes as mini hot houses to start my lettuceIMG_4193

I picked up a rain check for sale plants from Rite Aid. I asked what day they get their next shipment so I can get my petunias, lobelia and alyssum fresh off the truckIMG_4196

How about you? Please leave a comment telling what frugal things you’ve been doing.

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3 Responses to Five Frugal Things

  1. vintage51 says:

    I have been buying my daughter a whole new wardrobe for her new job by visiting thrift stores. We have found some amazing pieces at amazing prices and she has a more appropriate yet fun and inexpensive wardrobe. Cheers, Michele

  2. so that explains it… I’ve been wondering why you have made so many purchases lately. I love reading about what other people find while thrifting.

  3. Shame on me! My mind is blank! But good for you!

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