DIY Hose Repair

I carelessly ran the lawn mower over a soaker hose severing the female connection end.

My sister now lives in our family home and my fathers shop is just the way he left it 20+ years ago, brimming with just about anything you could ever want or need in the way of hardware. (sometimes its easier to buy what you need than try to find where he kept his supply of thing-a-ma-jigs but) I found a coffee can full of plumbing parts and located just what I needed.coffe can

All I had to do was make a clean cut.trim

I had some trouble forcing the replacement into the hose so I used boiling water to make the hose more pliablehot water

Then I could insert the female connection and screw the collar on nice and snug.IMG_4198

My frugal roots run deep. Thanks for your help Dad. I’ll never call you a pack rat again.

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2 Responses to DIY Hose Repair

  1. lilimounce says:

    That’s a goldmine of useful parts your dad amassed! You and your sister may never need all of it in your entire lifetimes.
    Good job on the repair. Kind of makes the memory of destroying the end of that hose, not so painful.

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