April Groceries

In an endeavor to provide an example of how to eat on a frugal budget. I’m posting each month how I spend my $70. food allotment. Then posting what I made from the groceries I bought.

My rules for frugal grocery shopping

1.make a list

2. stick to the list

3. always shop on a full stomach

4. batch errands to avoid making a specific trip to the grocery store

5.bring your own bags (a lot of places around here charge for shopping bags)

I pretty much failed at all of these this month.

WinCo Foods isn’t especially far from my home but its not along any of my frequently traveled routes. That means I planned  a dedicated trip to take advantage of WinCo’s great bulk foods selection.

Every day around 11-12, I take my friend’s dog Lola to the park to go sniffing. sniffing0527

One the day in question I decided to go to WinCo after our walk in the park.

By the time I got to the store it was around 1 PM, I hadn’t had any lunch AND I left my list at home. Thus breaking two rules for frugal shopping. As I walked the aisles trying to recreate the list from memory EVERYTHING looked tasty.

4-5-16 winco $41.37

WinCo Foods- $41.3

Pretend that you see 5# of hamburger in the picture, I must have put it in the fridge before I remembered to take my picture.

I bought rice (under the tomatoes) I didn’t need (already 2 bags at home)

Parmesan cheese, creamer and evaporated milk were not on my list but I noticed that they were good prices so I put them in the cart.

the following day I went back to WinCo

WinCo $15.85

WinCo $15.85

to get the things I forgot.  Ironic, isn’t it that all the things I forgot were BULK foods and that’s the reason I went there in the first place. I picked up 3 packages of pectin (still not on my list) because even though I’m unfamiliar with the brand name, it was WAY cheaper than I’ve seen it recently. I plan to make several batches of jams and jellies in the coming months.

Other shopping this month:

QFC $1.78

QFC $1.78

Grocery Outlet $4.98

Grocery Outlet $4.98

Safeway $5.75

Safeway $5.75

Grand total $69.73

The next few posts will show you what I did with my purchases.

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5 Responses to April Groceries

  1. Leigh says:

    I am so impressed at your $70 budget. and look forward to seeing what you make from this shopping trip Food is so much more expensive here in New Zealand and needing to buy gluten-free adds even more. For example, the gluten free bread I buy is $10 a loaf. I can barely keep my food spending under $120 a week which seems so excessive when I see your budget.

    • Oh My Goodness, I’ll never complain about high prices again, but each person needs to make their budget based on local prices. I’m sure if I lived elsewhere my budget would need some adjusting.

  2. lilimounce says:

    I see you bought shortening at WinCo. Could you share what you paid, there, for it, and is it a 48 oz canister? I didn’t think to check WinCo’s price on shortening, when there last, and I won’t get back down until early June. I’m guessing your WinCo and mine would have the same prices.
    Do you ever shop Fred Meyer’s Senior Discount day? Wondering if you’ve compared FM Senior Discount prices to WinCo’s.
    Thank you!

  3. Yes, the shortening is 48 oz. it was $3.85. I’m not as conscientious as you about getting ROCK BOTTOM prices. I dislike shopping, so once I go to a store I buy anything I need there even if its a better price somewhere else. The bakery has moved to Redmond, but before that it was right next to a QFC. Even though QFC isn’t a discount store I figured I saved by not making a second stop. I have not taken advantage of FM’s Sr. discount. Its somewhat out of the way for me. I pass FM going to & from work but I work only on weekends. “My” WinCo is probably the same store as “your” WinCo (the old TOPS building).

    • lilimounce says:

      Thanks. And yes, “your” WinCo is the one I’ve gone to twice now. It’s near where my daughters went to high school, so I would go to TOP Foods often, then. But the location is not at all convenient for me now. But the shortening price is less than Fred Meyer’s with Senior Discount. So I’ll remember that for next time. I understand about not liking to grocery shop. I feel that way about shopping in some stores, or at some times of the day. Thanks for the info on the shortening price. That’s a help for me. There are several things I forgot to check the price on at WinCo, but overall their prices look pretty good. I especially like their bulk bins. A great selection.

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