Five Frugal Things

It has been warm enough since mid April to keep the furnace off. Yearly my goal is to turn the furnace off on May 1st. This year I got a BONUS 2 weeks.

I stopped to pick up milk and found a penny on the floor at the grocery store .

I traded a sucker from my white lilacIMG_3977, to a co-worker who gave me a sucker from her purple plant.3.IMG_4366

I came across a FREE pile that included some wire baskets.1.MG_4369 I used them to keep the rabbits1.IMG_4218 from eating my flowers.1.IMG_4371

I found a stash of Beer in the park. Thus ruining the evening of the teens who planned to sneak out at night to party in the woods. I used the beer to make a slug trap. My poor broccoli was denuded the first night it was in the garden.2.IMG_4373

How about you? Please share your frugal wins in the comment section.

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