April Thrift Report

I’m a little late with my April report since its the middle of May already. Even so I’m eager to show what I bought. I found some REAL deals.


April 5th -Deseret Industries -$4.38

April 6th – Goodwill                  -$17.47

April 17th -Goodwill                 -$3.27

April 17th -Value Village        -$3.55

April 22nd – Goodwill              -$5.46

April 23rd – Value Village      -$ 3.49

April 26th -St. Vincent de Paul-$18.17

April 27th -Value Village             -$3.48

April 28th -Helping Hands           -$0.82

April 29th -St. Vincent de Paul  -$1.63

In the coming days I’ll  tell/show you why I mad these purchases.


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4 Responses to April Thrift Report

  1. mmleonard says:

    Cool little collection of mugs

  2. no, I’m trying to add new species to the collection. They need to be easy to hold, 12 oz or bigger, and be a more or less realistic depiction of the bird.

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