April Thrift Report 2

I couldn’t resist this pretty tote bag. 4-5-16 DI $4.38It was New With Tags and only cost me $2. I’ve been using it as a shopping bag.

Every summer I enjoy spending my evenings on the back porch. Mosquitos also enjoy the summer nights so I burn citronella candles to keep them away.

no clapperI love the sound of wind chimes. In keeping with my frugal ways I’ve held on to this one even though the clapper broke off long ago. (it still chimes if the wind is strong enough)

new wind chimeIt has now been replaced with one that only needs a breeze to make it chime.4-6-16 gw $17.47

I’m stocking up on doll clothes patterns to provide inventory for an ETSY store I plan to open (this was one of my goals for 2016 and I haven’t done anything about it yet, so perhaps I’m just collecting doll patterns)

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about a Birthday Outing.

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