Show and Tell


There is a website called Cake Wrecks. I hope that none of our cake are ever featured on that site. I did see a perfect candidate a few days ago though.

Wednesday I was at the bakery to  make a cake delivery. The other decorators had gone home for the day. A customer came in and chose a Lemon Chiffon from the show case. I was the only decorator available. The sales staff asked me to put an inscription on the cake.

I learned from the customer, that the cake was for the her teen aged daughter. Over the weekend they had had a big family gathering with a cake from a different bakery. This was the actual BIRTHDAY so the Mom was picking up another cake and asked me to write “Happy Sweet 16 Sarah-Jane”

After I presented the finished cake to her, she showed me her phone with a picture of a cake that said Happy WEEK 16 Sarah-Jane. The mistake went overlooked until the 16 year old birthday girl asked “Mom, what does week 16 mean?

This weeks Show & Tell proves that AGE MATTERS

Have you ever gotten a cake wreck?

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6 Responses to Show and Tell

  1. Carol says:

    I am quite familiar with Cake Wrecks and it makes me laugh. Seriously how are these cakes allowed out? My favorites are the inscriptions with the instructions. But the monstrous babies, flowers animals, etc. Make me wonder ” was the decorator proud of that?”

    • I think some of the “cake wrecks” are not really by decorators but by bakery department employees with English as a second language. I feel bad for the struggles they must face but WHY would a person needing a cake go to such a bakery?

  2. Leigh says:

    I once worked for an organisation that had the word ‘Practitioners’ in its title and we had a cake made for a function to commemorate an anniversary. But it appears the cake decorator ran out of room so the cake had the organisation’s full name on it up until the word ‘Practitioners’ which instead was written as ‘Practiti’. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the organisation still displayed the cake at the function AND took photos of it which they used on the front cover of their members magazine. You can clearly see the word ‘Practiti’ in the photo. I still laugh every time I think about it.

  3. Does the individual decorator come up with the ideas?
    Every time cakes are posted I wonder how you can keep coming up with new ideas/presentations

  4. Customers can choose a design from our portfolio, but in the day of “Pintrest” and other internet sites, more and more people bring us a picture of a cake they want. Our favorite customers let us know the theme and color scheme and leave the design up to decorators.

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