April Thrift Report 5

The toaster oven and microwave are important tools in my kitchen. I use them daily to reheat my meals from the stockpile in the freezer.

Recently the on-off knob on my toaster oven developed a short. At first I was able to make it work by jiggling it a bit as I turned it on. Then one day there was nothing I could do to convince the oven to reheat my burrito.

I weighed my options: buy a new oven (pricey), have mine repaired (still expensive), try to do the repair myself (finding parts might be a problem)

I’m not keen on appliances from the thrift store. They are often dirty and you may end up with something that should have gone in the garbage.

I came across one that looked good at St.Vincent de Paul. This store also features free bread, free breadso before purchasing the toaster oven I gave it a test runtest station_4211

it was in good working order and at $5.99 it was less that a repair bill or even replacement parts, so I made the purchase.

My Thrifty purchases are usually under $5 so this haul at $18.17 was very unusual4-26-16 svdp $18.17

I also got a spare bowl for my salad spinner, some lace, a pattern,

a Peanut feeder that has been approved by both squirrels and jays

and a mini laundry basket to use on the Oregon Trail.

At Goodwill  3-30-16 GW $ - 5.39Copy

I found red gingham to make a shirt for my Oregon Trail Laundry,gingham turned shirta travel mug to use at work so I don’t spill coffee on my cakes and more doll clothes patterns.

That does it for my April Thrift Report.


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